April 18, 2006
Chicago Bound April 17th-21st and the Condo Christening

A BIG hello to all my members. I'm leaving for my Chicago tour in the morning. How I'll ever make it I don't know. As some of you know, I've been moving these past 2 1/2 weeks. Most of my clothes are at my apartment and some of them are at my new condo at the nudist resort. Not much room there nor need for them. (MORE)

April 8, 2006
The next installment of Anneke's Nudist Adventures.
Actually, it should be titled, "Swinging at the Nudist Resort". Wednesday afternoon, after a day of running back and forth between the apartment and the condo, I decided a little jacuzzi and conversation pool time was needed. Plus, it was time for happy hour. So, I stopped at our club for a martini and after peeling off my clothes, jumped in the conversation pool. I saw a couple who looked familiar and we decided that we had met at a mutual friend's home last year.
These folks were a lot of fun and I invited them to join me for dinner as I had an 8pm dinner reservation. After, we'd go into the club for the live group that plays on Wednesday nights. They had a friend staying with them they wanted me to meet and so I did at dinnner time...

March 23rd, 2006 - HONEY, I'm HOME!!

A warm hello and lots of kisses to all my member friends. I arrived in Tampa yesterday, a day earlier than planned. Very quiet in Boston and since I was longing to return home I changed my plans.


Hi to All My Members,

I'm starting to plan my summer touring schedule. I received the q about having a meet and greet too late to plan one for Chicago. However, if there is enough interest I'd be happy to plan one my next visit AND invite some of my friends.

If I do plan a meet and greet please be aware that even members will have to be screened to attend. I do hope you understand why.

So, please let me hear your thoughts. I'd love to meet each and every one of you.

Kisses, Anneke

From Anneke:

Thanks Toonstar,

Great! That is exactly what I wanted for this site. It's WHO I am in real life. No games, no acting. Just Anneke being naughty.

When I had the idea for a porn site I wanted to do something different. Something personal. I've seen enough porn over the years to know that not much has been done in the last few years that is romantic and affectionate in nature. Older porn was and the trend moved away from it.

From: story2k
I know you love younger men, beautiful women and are very sensual from what I have read.

What else do you enjoy? It looks to me you love being on top, love giving and receiving head. Tell us something new, enquiring minds want to know.

From Anneke
The adventures of the grande damme of MILF's,
the legendary Anneke


I'm glad you've made it. I hope you enjoy the pictures and videos I have taken for you. My members section is updated all the time with new pictures and videos of me doing all sorts of fun things. Let me know what you'd like to see and I'll do my BEST to make that happen!

High Quality Photos Exclusive to this site!!!!
Movies are formatted into two sizes to satisfy those of you with high speed connections and dial-up.
They range in time from 3-40 minutes.

Movies range from the tamer events sensual erotic sexual adventures!!

I offer my members the chance to contact me directly via my messageboard and messenger options.
You will find hot wallpapers for your personal computer use.

Read about my latest adventures in my personal journal...

I am like no other mature woman you have ever met.
I'm affectionate, sensual, uninhibited and in my sexual prime..

I'm waiting for you INSIDE...



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